Elyssa is an illustrator living and working in the UK.  Much of Elyssa's work is influenced by her strong connections with Japan and her love of Japanese illustration.  She also endeavours to make work that will instigate social change and question the cultural climate in the UK.  She longs to see the Britain become a place where everyone is treated equally and this is often a motivating factor in the work she undertakes.  Elyssa is currently working as a freelance illustrator, but when she isn't at her day job, she loves writing and illustrating consent-focused sex education resources.

Clients include: Daikon*, Gal-dem, NHS, The University of Cambridge, University College London, The University of Reading, Arcee, Serlo, F Come, The Rising Network, Saomao, and Rajana (Cambodia) as well as various private commissions.

Elyssa welcomes all forms of collaboration and commission work, so if you have an idea please do not hesitate to get in touch!